Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bring Back the BAYANIHAN

After the 7.2 magnitude Earthquake that attacked Cebu and Bohol which caused millions of damages, one of the biggest and strongest typhoon in the world crossed over the Philippines Islands particularly the Eastern Visayas region. This storm surge YOLANDA destroyed infrastractures, uprooted trees and even deaths. I feel bad every time I see/read news flashed on screens about people calling for help, desperately knocking to our hearts. The victims of this monster typhoon are hungry, scared, hopeless and tired. They badly need our help.

As a filipino, what should you do? 

We should spare some of our time and effort like giving CANNED GOODS, RICE, CLOTHES, BOTTLED WATER and etc. or in the REPACKING THE RELIEF GOODS in any relief centers. These things are just simple things but to our brother and sisters who are affected of the storm surge, these are life savings, a way to continue living. Let's help hand in hand, BANGON PILIPINAS.

Photos by: , GMANetwork, Inquirer News

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