Monday, April 21, 2014

La Vie Parisienne

I'm cool and I know it HAHAHA :D 

Hello netizens! gotta be sharin' my La Vie experience ♥ It was actually a quick and worthwhile visit with of course my partners in crime @Ohohbilzy and @Tinaolala 

The first time La Vie was introduced, we've been planning to be there but since we're too busy and stuck in school works, we didn't made it but I know it was DESTINY's plan for us to have a short visit. After months and hectic schedules, tantaran!!!! HELLO LA VIE PARISIENNE :D Unplanned things are the best!

Just a quick post :) To my readers (if I have) thank you so much :*

Look at my tummy! I'm full HAHAHA :D yikes!

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