Sunday, September 28, 2014

20 Facts About Me


Jou Anne April Ranario here! sharing my you-don't-care facts about me :*

1. I love reading ALL THE TIME! give me books and I won't bother you with my tantrums. If you want to shut my noisy and annoying mouth then give me books! GIMME
2. I care too much and very sensitive :(
3. I have this disease called BIPOLAR SYNDROME :3 hahaha
4. I eat too much, sleep all day and surf all night so spell queen of laziness J-O-U-A-N-N-E
5. I don't trust people easily. I was once a victim of untrustworthy---nessssss. Can't blame me lols

6. I can't leave the house without my lipstick, powder, perfume, cellphone, watch, necklace and money of course!
7. I can survive without social sites in a week but never for a month.
8. I have more BOY friends than GIRL friends "they called me: ONE OF THE BOYS"
9. I'm not a selfie princess I just love to take pictures of my ugly face but usually out of 100 pics only 1 will remain, I delete them all haha
10. when some unknown numbers text me I always reply "who are you?" well kinda harsh it is but that's just me :D

11. I'm totally in love with FRIDAY nights and SATURDAY nights! I curse MONDAYS and TUESDAYS. 
12. My favorite color is blue (but I got only one blue shirt), food is everything (see no.4), place is my room, hobby is dreaming of my dreamland and fishing some hot boys out of nowhere (I don't understand this)
13. I'm poor and i'm proud hahahaha I always says "NO" to going out but if someone will say "MY TREAT!" change of mood and i'm GOOD TO GO yikes!
14. I love to dance but I don't know how to make my own steps
15. I love to sing I love to singggg I loveeee tooo ssssiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggggg!!!! (watch your eardrums!)

16. I prefer flings hahaha I love boys *winks*
17. I got more short shorts than jeans (seen my skin complexion? got an absolutely UNFAIR complexion!). I prefer pajamas FOREVER! 
18. I can read a whole book for one day just don't disturb me or else you're dead.
19. I like to punch than to slap. I don't care if SHE or HE (don't cha dareeee)
20. I hate myself but I love everything about myself  THAT'S ALL THANK YOU!


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