Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cafe Talk

Mornings are the best when you put your best smile and face the day fearlessly.

If you are a book lover, you will always think and find a perfect place to chill in. A place where you can enjoy your book of the day. A place where you can find peace, forget the worries and be in touched with the characters of the story.

I definitely know a place! *teneeeennnn! insert drum rolls* lol. This place is the CAFE TALK! a new discovered place. Well they have few branches here in Cebu City  but still a new place for me, I find it interesting and cute because it is the only LIBRARY/CAFE that I KNOW. I like their books, their interior and even their foods. Foods  cost ranging from 90 pesos to 150 pesos. Affordable right? so if by chance you have free time, don't forget to drop by at CAFE TALK Escario Branch :D

definitely be coming back here! 

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