Monday, February 16, 2015

5 Girls' Nightout Reasons

Of course, girls don't usually go out without reasons. Myself loves late night parties and I have tons of friends who love to party too. So, here are the 5 reasons why girls do clubbin' (based on experience not me but my friends') 

1. She is desperate
This girl is looking forward to the party hoping that she could meet the right one. Some girls are up for late night parties because they want to meet an instant boyfriend. "Sway your body, hit your target, exchange numbers then start your lovestory."

2. She is suspicious
This girl went out just to caught his boy on act, flirting with someone else. Girls are territorial. Once they noticed something is different or something is changed with their boyfriends, girls tend to follow them anytime and anywhere. Note: Girls as world class FBI agents HAHA!

3. Can't say NO to her friends
This girl is just so kind that she want her friends to be happy. She acts as the HAPPY-GO-LUCKY girl. She can't stand being called KJ "kill joy" in the group.

4. I'm Bored
This girl doesn't know what to do with her life. She already did everything to kill the boredom but still she's bored. She seeks for a place where she could get wild, crazy and DONT-CARE-ABOUT-YOU-PEOPLE feeling. She is in the mood for parties.

5. just the PARTY GIRL herself
This girl can't stand not going out for even just a week. She's like a bee, wants to roam around can't stay in one place. She loves the ambiance in party places. Loves the drinks, the music, the people,  and everything about late night parties. She thinks she belongs there and it is her home.

And i'm wondering why am I posting this? Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy it HAHA :*

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