Friday, March 13, 2015


I don't want to miss not having outfit shots at our quick trip to Temple Of Leah! so here's my OOTD. Summer feels with my all black jumpsuit and leopard print pumps.

Why did I wore all black when the heat strikes in its hottest feeling? Based from the article I have read, Physics explained that it is more convenient to wear black than white during summer. We all think that white will keep us cool during the hot season because it will just reflect the light coming from the sun but instead it cooks us. The best color to keep us cool during summer, it turns out, is to wear BLACK. The color black surely absorbs everything coming from the sun as well as the heat coming from our body instead of reflecting it back. In addition, black will make someone look  slimmer than usual. 

so how's my outfit of the day? is it NAY or YAY?

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