As of December 2014, I declare my self as an Official Blogger of Nonsense things about my life adventures. 

Name: Jou Anne April Ranario

Age: 19 years old

Birth Date: April 19, 1996

Hobbies: Dancing, Eating, Surfing, Reading and Singing

Sports: Softball, Frisbee, Badminton, Soccer Baseball, Volleyball

Favorites: Any shades of Blue, Any kinds of Food, Any place as long as cozy and comfy

Hates: Insects, Crawling species, Plastics

Member of: CNU Pop Dance Company, Pwersayaw Performing Arts, and BLIA- PACC Performing Arts

Definitely PRETTY :*

"Wear anything you want, eat everything you crave, explore the places you dream and live life to the fullest. Be HAPPY :)"

Join this FLIP BLOGGER (don't take it literally or else i'll jump over the bridge) as she follow her dreams.

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